Notice as on 10.02.2015

The ground has been broken, the seeds have been planted, Agritech Expo Zambia 2015 is well underway" - 16 - 18 APR 2015 visit our stand and get all the information, advise and other details.

Notice as on 29.09.2014

We have in stock Maizeweed Killer, Cycat and Imax herbicides and many other products. These herbicides will help farmers prepare for the farming season.







In Season Products

Message from the CEO
Is a pre and early post emergence herbicide. It is selective on maize & works on seeds of weeds in the soil both broad leaves and some grasses. It surpluses nut surge and kills it if at flowering stage. (October - December)
Message from Africa Head of Directors
Is a systemic non selective herbicide. Application can depend on the stage of the weeds. It works better on both annual and perennial weeds. Farmers with kapinga will find a solution with Cycat usage. (November - December)
Message from Managing Director Zambia
Is a pre emergence herbicide for legumes: soy beans, groundnuts, field beans. It works and surpluses broad leaves seeds in the soil. (November - December)